DERS International – A dash of history, a spoonful of legacy and a whole lotta hard work


The stones that adorn your precious jewellery have a story and a history. That’s why procuring them is such an important task. Established in 1990, with over three decades of experience in the family jewellery business have given DERS International a keen eye for spotting the best stones to bedeck the jewellery you wear. DERS International has a fine level of understanding of the business of gemstones… particularly diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Their modus operandi of working is simple — unabashed honesty in providing gemstones,  and maintaining consistency in a reliable and ethical way.

The Legacy

Knowledge of gemstones, pearls and antiques is a skill that’s often passed over generations. DERS International stems from one such lineage, ‘The Nahetas’. Over a century of experience has made this lineage a mine of knowledge in the field of gemstones and jewellery. With an extensive experience of 150 years, DERS International has built its goodwill across borders. Seven generations into the business, the men behind DERS International know the importance of selecting the best gemstones. A flourishing enterprise backed by a rich legacy, DERS International is a team that’s driven by a singular goal — to achieve excellence!


There’s so much hard work that goes into bringing only the highest quality gemstones, and it remains well hidden behind the scenes. You simply flaunt the precious, timeless stones that the dream team of DERS international takes the effort to find for you. 


The Masterminds At Work

The three directors and stakeholders Sushil Naheta, Rohit Naheta and Mohit Naheta are driven by a shared passion for their work, a future-ready outlook and a common love for all-things-precious. 

A perfectionist and a man of big vision, looking forward toward the future has been the mantra for the shy and resilient Sushil Naheta. Having inherited the legacy established by his father Milapchand Naheta, Sushil carried forward his key traits of persistence and hard work forward. His personal and professional discipline are the foundation of the establishment and success of DERS International.

Rohit Naheta, aka Bobby is a veteran of the trade. Having had over 25 years of exposure in the international market, there isn’t a business house that doesn’t know of this feisty man of immense knowledge and skill. He is the man behind extending the reach of the company in the South-East by setting up an office in HongKong in 2010.


Persistence and consistency being Mohit Naheta’s trademark work ethic, he’s the man responsible for taking the business to the European market back in the early 2000s. With an office in Belgium, it was Mohit who paved the way for expansion for DERS International outside of the South-East Asia region.

The Story Today

Having established themselves as a reliable source of procuring precious stones the world over, their three offices in major markets — Thailand (Head Office), HongKong and Belgium are the labour of love for the Chairman Sushil Naheta, Managing Director Rohit Naheta and Co Managing Director Mohit Naheta. At present, DERS International serves the B2B markets in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, USA, among other countries. 


The company and its directors are more ready than ever to achieve great new heights under the expert guidance of Sushil Naheta. His two sons are taking the legacy forward, while he plays the role of a perfect mentor. 

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